Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nazis and Gay Rights Movement: Exact Same Origin

This post will illustrate the shocking common origins shared by the modern gay "rights" movement and Germany's Nazi Party.
The popular narrative attempts to brand the Nazis as a horrible oppressor against homosexuals of that age, subjecting them to horrible persecution in Nazi death camps akin to a gay holocaust. In reality, a relatively small number of gays were worked to death in these camps. Hitler and his (mostly gay) inner-circles exuded a harsh, hateful opposition to (effiminate) homosexuals as a cover for their own secret inclinations. The modern gay movement begain in Germany.
In the mid-late-1800's, the Higher Criticism movement had swept through Germany, where scholars of the day were challenging and discounting the meaning and authenticity of the Scriptures. This became a cultural movement there. On the heels of this -intertwined- occultism and homosexuality began to seize power there, coming to full fruition in the 1920's, and was instrumental in the collapse of the Third Reich. Jorg Lanz Van Liebenfels, gay occultist and occultist magazine Publicist, is known as the person who gave Hitler his depraved ideas and philosophies. Liebenfels formed the widescale occultist-and-murderous Armanian Order, which morphed itself to attain a veneer of political legitimacy and changing it's name to Thule Society, which then infiltrated and fused with the Nazi Party's earliest incarnation. A German-American soldier, Henry Gerber, returned from Occupied Germany after ww1. While there, Gerber had joined the "German Society for Human Rights", the modern gay movement in it's infancy. This Human Rights leader was flagrant homosexual Ernst Rhom, the leader of the Nazi Party in it's earliest incarnation, head of the Storm Troopers, Captain in the German army, himself recruited into homosexuality by the creator of the Brownshirts, Gerhardt Rossbach. The earliest incarnation of the Brownshirts was an exclusively homosexual group. When Gerber came back from the war, he and 2 other men formed the American "Human Rights" chapter in Chicago. Their efforts were cut short there, after they were arrested for having sex with little boys. Gerber bribed his way out of prosecution and went underground. He went on to molest/recruit another boy named Champ Simmons. Simmons, as an adult, would go on to molest/recruit Harry Hay - the father of the gay rights movement in America. Hay, famously, was photographed wearing a sign at a gay pride parade, "Nambla walks With Me", motivated by his disgust and indignation of the way latter-day gay activists were publicly distancing the gay movement from the pedophile movement.

It is no coincidence, then, that the modern-day gay movement employs such facist, totalitarian tacticts. The same quality that makes One an effective gay activist is the same quality which made people like Hitler so devastatingly effective.

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