Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Equality" Requires Anarchy To Fully Succeed

There's a reason we have laws.

There's a reason our forefathers had the foresight and wisdom to conceive cultural and societal boundaries.

There's a reason why we 'call a spade, a spade' : common sense.

Our laws, doctrines and boundaries are erected to maintain healthy order, balance and functioning to [our] society. It isn't perfect, as no system has ever been. But America got it closer to perfect than anyone. As it happens, our standards of order were inspired by a theistic frame of reference - Christianity.

We apply these boundaries/guidelines to promote healthy functioning and prosperity to the populace.
Our standards of order are like cogs in a great machine, both holding it together and facilitating it's operation.

Our standards of order are applied constantly. There are reasons why our government has always discouraged the destructive practice of anal sodomy. There are reasons it discourages drinking to excess. Or forces cyclists to wear helmets. Or enforces child protection laws. Or forces people to wear clothes. Or promotes marriage to promote responsible procreation and healthy child-rearing.

Government has a vested interest in the health of it's populace, and therefore maintains well-concieved boundaries.

Homosexual activists are at war with this 'boundaries' mindset. They will gladly throw the baby (cultural prosperity arisen from healthy boundaries) out with the bathwater (standards of order that discourage deviancy). They would gladly stand on top of a cultural wasteland and proudly declare "victory".

For when you abolish and suppress standards of order to accomodate one mode of deviancy, you grant access for every other form; waiting in the wings like flies gathering at the screen door to gain access to your clean home. You have yourself a cesspool - an enviornment so favorable to a myriad of harmful life forms. Within your cesspool, cleanliness becomes abolished. Within our society, standards of clean living and values become abolished. And then what you have is a wasteland, prey to every manner of suppressed expression of deviancy that would normally lie dormant in men's hearts, free to be fully expressed and indulged. For there would no longer be standards of order to discourage and inhibit those desires. For when you unravel the tapestry, the is no longer any structure, just masses of loose materials with no rhyme or reason. Gay "rights" demand collapse of order; of abolition of conventional wisdom; of complete subversion of common sense; the abandoning of healthy standards.

Gay "rights" can only attain fruition in this sort of climate, this sort of cesspool. When "nothing is sacred", nothing shall be. And deviancy will run rampant. And political correctness will become god. And all men will give in to their basest, carnal urges; pillage and plunder. And cavort. And frolic. And savage each other. And defile. And rape. And loot. And murder. And kidnap. And intoxicate themselves with excesses.

 --this reality will be the unavoidable side-effect, by-product, and aftermath of the societal demands of "equality", "inclusiveness" and "tolerance". Basic human nature, unbridled by order, gaurentees this will be the only outcome. We saw this happen in Greece and Rome.

In this sort of Utopia, oppressed, passive-aggressive gay activists would stand victorious over their conquered wasteland, standing beneath their omnipressant gay rainbow, swords held high, celebrating their victory. And then they'd walk off and probably get mugged or clubbed to death by one of their fellow benefactors of "tolerance", one of their fellow cesspool stablemates.

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