Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gay Harms: Gay Marriage Explained

This is so not the purpose of this blog, but I'm going to make an opportunity to submit my voice of reason against gay marriage.

Gay marriage is the ultimate validation of the gay lifestyle. Moreso, it's the Government's official, authenticating stamp of legitimacy bestowed on this lifestyle - a title which makes it incontrovertable, inscrutable, and nearly invincible to historical manifestations of stigmatization against it.

Gay marriage is the ultimate expression of destigmatization. In this case, destigmatization through desanctification, as in desanctify, as in, cheapening something, devaluing in, nothing's sacred. By rendering nothing sacred, gays will achieve the optimal enviornment for attaining power, one where desactification renders people too indifferent to tell what merits sanctity and goodness.

Gay marriage detaches the sanctity from matrimonial unions. Traditional Marriage is sanctioned, it is ordained by the Creator Himself. It is sanctified by our Government as the exemplar of the most optimal enviornment for fostering responsible procreation and child-rearing. And what of elderly and infertile heterosexual couples marrying then? Well, these exceptions-to-the-rule are faithful emulations of that accepted, sanctified societal standard, and are thus valid.

When you detach the sanctity from something, it becomes a meaningless expression. In responsible society, we sanctify certain things that bring about healthy order and functioning. We sanctify them because they are expressions of successful, healthy living. Government doesn't grant heterosexual couples marriage simply because that's "who they love". When you desanctify such a fundamental societal construct, it cheapens and devalues that which was bestowed sanctity in the first place -the traditional family - the bedrock, the cornerstone of healthy society. And then marriage means nothing anymore, just a trivial label to recognize the coupling of two individuals. This desanctification spells the end of the nuclear family, which is something Karl Marx envisioned as being the best way to break a nation. As Commentator Matt Barber says, gay marriage is "a political and legal calculus that is being used as a weapon to destroy religious liberty".

  "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." -Genesis 2:24

What enables one to unite and become 'one flesh'? Why, it's having anatomical complimentariness -separate but opposite. The structure of the vagina is designed for intromission of the penis -even down to the cellular level - the penis and vagina are designed to be united. Sperm cells are uniquely-designed to be able to bypass the anti-microbial defenses within the vagina.

The pro-gay-cheerleading media has it's own narrative of what merits marriage. To them, gays are that homely, stable couple down the street who just want to have what straight couples have; who's domestic "normalcy" could put to shame almost any straight married couple. Have you seen these people? I haven't. Never. Only in print. I've seen bath houses. I've seen elaborate networks of websites and literature promoting anonymous, indiscriminate gay sex. I've come across innumerable anecdotes illustrating turbulent, painful lives of domestic instability in the gay community. I've seen innumerable anecdotes illustrating lives of incessant partying and swinging in the gay community.

Have I come across anecdotes of those aformentioned homely, stable and functioning gay couples? Sure, because every single one of them has been garishly and gratuitiously publicized in some news story to pass off as the normal gay reality. But in reality, the likelihood of those examples is like finding an albino specimen in the animal kingdom.

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