Friday, December 28, 2012

Public relations: fake hate crimes by gays

This segment is to show how gay activsts will freely and gratuitiously bend the truth to stoke outrage, and go to elaborate lengths to fabricate a victimhood narrative to expediate the gay "rights" process, and to exaggerate and distort the magnitude of threat LGBT's live under for maximum public relations value and for gleaming sympathy from lawmakers and the public at large  to attain the entitlement status they've sought for so long. :

Lesbian Alexandra Pennell former alumni of a Connecticut University, has been found by investigation to have been sliding anti-gay hate letters under her dorm-room door, and later communicating this "persecution" to an LGBT anti-hate rally in her city. Police were brought in to investigate the letters and posted a camera, which was conveniently disabled at incriminating times. Later, a clandestine camera was secretly placed and caught the true culprit planting the hate letters - Alexandra Pennell, who was then expelled, banned from any State school for 5 years, and faces many other charges.

A Colorado lesbian couple reported graffitti, ‘Kill the Gay’ on their condo are being accused by the police for doing the deed themselves. The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado has issued a warrant for Aimee Whitchurch, 37, and Christel Conklin, 29, for forgery, false reporting and criminal mischief.
“In October of 2011, the women claimed they were the victims of a horrible hate crime, saying that members of their Homeowner’s Association threatened their lives, keyed their car and left a noose at their doorstep. Last year, Conklin and Whitchurch made headlines after they publicly lashed out at their neighbors. ‘For someone to target us for our lifestyle – it’s ridiculous,’ Conklin said to 9News at the time.
“The incident drew lots of media attention, with support groups popping up online. Even the local chapter of the Anti-Defamation league sprang to their defense. ‘This is where we live. We should feel safe. I am afraid to walk outside my place now,’ Whitchurch said.
“But an investigation revealed that there was no plot to target the two women, it was all just an apparent cry for attention. ‘The two women involved were responsible for the words that were spray painted on the garage and the placement of the noose on their own front door. Through the investigation and from witness statements, it was determined that allegations of the incident were false,’ said Douglas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cocha Hedyen to KDVR on Thursday.
Detectives were able to determine that the two women involved were responsible for the words that were spray painted on the garage and the placement of the noose on their own front door.’ The FBI quickly became involved in the investigation and the women’s palms were checked for spray-paint residue. Both women refused a lie-detector test to bolster their story.

UNC student Quinn Matney envoked outrage among LGBT students, faculty and sympathizers after recently reported being attacked for being gay, an attack that left severe burns on one of his arms. It was not until later that Matney admitted to fabricating the attack and the injuries, very likely after authorities quickly seized upon the suspicious nature of the injuries, and the implausibility of the scenario purported by the student: ...- here Portland gay activist Azelea Cooley staged, manufactured her own elaborate victimization. Lesbian, black, and wheelchair-bound, she was caught by police victimizing herself- completely free of her wheelchair restraints - planting crosses in her front yard, carrying a gas can, and lighting the crosses. She could be seen as a martyr in her wheelchair at the front of the gay pride parade, in the days following her getting busted, where the wheelchair gimmick could gleam maximum sympathy. ...- here, lesbian Charlie Rogers fakes her own violent hate crime, something she premeditated 4 days prior on facebook as a means to stoke outrage for the injustices she feels as a lesbian. She was later convicted of the charges stemming from the fabrication.

Also this year Montana man Joseph Baken claimed to police he was beaten up for being gay after men approached him in a bar with homophobic slurs and beat him up after he asked for directions to a gay bar. His injuries were photographed and widely publicized by gay activists. A video then surfaced of Baken injuring himself doing a backflip, and it was later that Baken admitted in open court that he fabricated everything: http://www.

Gay activists have desperately needed another Matthew Shepherd (martyr for victimized gays everywhere for supposedly being murdered for his sexuality, but in reality had the bad fortune of running into a meth-head on a week-long drug-and-robbing binge, who then attacked a straight guy right after killing Shepherd) So, since things aren't as bad for gays as they need everyone to believe, they manufacture the next Matthew Shepherd themselves.

They desperately need another ready-made martyr to expediate their cause, refabricating a never-ending wave of new Matthew Shephereds. What they seem to fail to grasp is what criminals fail to grasp, that it's nearly impossible to fabricate a serious violent crime successfully in America.

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