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More people sacrificed on the altar of gay rights.

The stack of bodies on this 'altar' of gay "rights" grows higher and higher. Just days ago, Red Cross Employee Michael Hartman was fired for, what all evidence shows, emailing his co-workers criticizing the company policy that it's employees "celebrate" gay pride month. On the Red Cross' "diversity page" it said,  “Everyone must ‘walk the talk’ of total diversity [sic]"

"Ten minutes after I sent the email protesting Gay Pride Month, my computer was shut down and a supervisor marched me out of my office.".

Heads of the Company insist his firing "...had to be for some other reason".

Michael Hartman is digging in his heals to fight this, and to expose the dark side of company-mandated celebration of "diversity" that goes on everywhere. Story here:

Our next inclusion to this victim list is MMA fighter Matt Mitrione. Mitrione, in an unguarded moment of candor, unleashed a rant against fellow MMA fighter "Fallon Fox" - a man who says he's a woman, who fights women in the ring.

Mittrione didn't mince words, and very mean-spiritedly criticized Fox. Mittrione was immediately suspended, and leveled an enormous fine, and is now ordered to do volunteer work with LGBT youths.

Folks, it's not against the law to be mean-spirited. Or to say hurtful things. As long as a threat is not included, and as long as the legal process does not show that you damaged that persons career or livelihood by the criticism, you are allowed to say mean things. It's called "free speech".
When it comes to LGBT persons,  hurting somebody's feelings becomes a federal crime.

Just this year, Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene's Flowers was sued by the Attorney General of the State of Washington for refusing to design a floral arrangement for a gay wedding. Washington, which has gay marriage and that omnipresent, overreaching LGBT "nondiscrimination" law,  has religious liberties there in an iron grip. Stutzman, who's had gay employees in the past and many gay customers, refused to do that one order for that repeat customer (of 9 years). Stutzman declined the order because it violates her Christian faith by being forced to use her talents to endorse and celebrate same-sex marriage.

And here, another warm body is placed upon the altar of gay "rights"
San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver is being forced by the League to undergo "sensitivity training" and volunteer work with gay youths because of some remarks he made last year, critical of having homosexual players in the same locker room as him. The remarks were made after Comedian Artie Lange asked him if he'd ever pursue guys:

"I don't do the gay guys, man. I don't do that," Culliver said during the 1-minute taped interview. "Ain't got no gay people on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't be with that sweet stuff."
The N.F.L. is a hyper-masculine bastion -a symbol- of American ruggedness and toughness. The brash, raw, untamed spirit that makes people like Chris Culliver speak his mind are the same virtues that make the N.F.L. It's a climate of warriors with warrior mentalities which the male gender rallies behind in the spirit of ruggedness. Open homosexuality is the antithesis of everything the N.F.L. stands for - and indeed, the antithesis of the rugged, warrior menatlity, which as we see, has just been shored up and sissified to suit the political correctness police. Same as has been done with America's Military, same as the effort at sissifying the boy scouts. God help us all from this gaystapo juggernaut.

In  late 2011, a Macy's store employee was fired for telling a cross-dressing man not to change in the woman's fitting room:

Recently, University of Toledo employee Crystal Dixon, a black female employee in the Human Resources division, was fired for writing a letter to the editor of a newspaper, sharing her views that homsexuality is not analogous to race, and that people leave this lifestyle all the time.

“I take great umbrage at the notion that those choosing the homosexual lifesetyle are ‘civil rights victims.’ Here’s why. I cannot wake up tomorrow and not be a black woman,”
In a new trend, university "diversity" politics are stealing away people's freedom of speach.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize", French Philosopher Voltaire once wrote. Homosexuality in this country is so ostensibly rightious and holy, one cannot even criticize the talking points promoted by it's proponents, or you'll get fired. Or blacklisted. Slandered. Stalked. Vandalized. Or...(see gayharms.blogspot, under "Sacrificed on the altar of gay rights").

I mean, what other human condition is so rightious one cannot project ones own critical analyis of it's merits? NONE. Homosexuality is tearing apart our freedoms in this country, and people are forced to wear political correctness speech-impeding corks in their mouths to appease the thought police.

Several years ago, conservative radio and television personality Dr. Laura Schlessinger was beseiged by militant gay activists for her having mentioned the homosexuality-pedophilia link, and calling homosexuality a biological error.

These activists waged an aggressive, sophisticated and mobilized web and media campaign to provoke public outrage and to blacklist Dr. Laura by continuously harrassing her sponsors, who retreated one by one. Her show was then cancelled after this continuous pressure, slander, and propaganda.

Singer and Actor Anita Bryant, a few decades ago, had her career sabatoged by the full public wrath of gay activist community in Florida. They successfully blacklisted the corporation she was the Spokeswoman for, as well as vandalizing her home, stalking her and her family, and making death threats and kidnapping threats to her and her kids. Bryant had been actively outspoken in local Politics, and actively outspoken against the promotion of homosexuality in society and in public schools.

Dr. Kenneth Howell, the adjunct professor at the University of Illinois who was fired for over 2 months before getting reinstated for teaching Catholic doctrine regarding homosexuality in a class he taught on Catholicism. Howell had sent an email to all his students clarifying Catholic position on this issue, leading to his firing.

Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, was relentlessly harrassed, slandered and ridiculed for her openly Christian beliefs, to the culmination of her ultimately being fired. All this, from the perspective of anybody with a brain, stems back to her running for Miss U.S.A., when she was set up by a homosexual judge with a gay marriage question, and her not giving the politically correct answer.

Elsewhere, gay activists opponents in California's Prop 8 were subjected to aggressive and irresponsible blacklisting. The names of all who supported Prop 8 were aggressively, gratuitiously and garishly publicized to emplore gay activists to harrass, stalk, prank-call, slander, and character-assassinate them, often sabatoging their businesses connections and livelihood. These Brownshirt, Facist tactics have now struck fear into anyone who wishes to sign petitions or submit anything else in opposition to California gay marriage.

Dr Chuck  Mcilhenny, a pastor and author of "When the Wicked Seize a City" many years ago in San francisco, found himself and his family the target of unrelenting harassment and vandalism to his home and church -around-the-clock telephone harassment, death threats to him, rape threats to his 3 young girls, and even getting his home firebombed while he and his family were inside sleeping.

In 1993, also in San Francisco, a large group of militant, disorderly gays and gay activists descended in and around Hamilton Square Baptist Church, accosting, grabbing and harrassing parishoners, causing a riot after area homosexual publications prodded and provoked gays to stage a protest there to protest the guest arrival of Pastor Lewis Sheldon. The gay mob proceded pushing on and surrounding people entering and leaving, scratching them, throwing rocks at them and church property, screaming menacingly at children, blocking and occupying the outside entrance, even raising a gay flag up the church's flag pole. Frightened church members had to escape from a side entrance. This event provoked National outrage.

In conjunction with this event, Pastor Sheldon was to speak at a meeting at City Hall, and was spit on by one of the gays who attended, as well as having manure spread all over the his office at church.

In 2004 in Philadelphia, 11 people (including 2 women over 70) were arrested for peacefully reciting the gospel on the sidewalk next to a gay pride parade. All the charges, later dropped after public pressure.

This next story hits close to (this author's) home. In late-2011, a video went viral of a gay student ostensibly getting beaten for his homosexuality at Unioto high school in Chillicothe Ohio. After much publicity, the gay activists community unleashed the full wrath of the A.C.L.U. upon that small locale and forced radical changes in that school's policies regarding accomodation for gays. What was conveniently ommitted from all the news stories was the truth. I personally had elicited many online discussions to try to draw out the facts, as well as working with the alleged assailant's sister, and even recruiting another homosexual Unioto student to help in my efforts. I had a next-door neighbor and a close family member who attended school with the parties involved and actively socialized with the purported assailant, Levi Sever. That family member of mine, a bi-sexual male teenager, recounts his years of freindship with the alleged assailant, when they even welcomed yet another gay student in their small circle of friends.

In the online discussions, it became apparent that the video of the beating was doctored, and that the gay Unioto victim threw the first punch. After many weeks of alleged sexual harasssment, illegal voyeurism, frottage, and surreptitiously photographing the backsides of male students to include on his facebook site, the alleged assailant grew fed-up with the harassment and reacted violently. What ensued was a sordid legacy of lies and strong-arm tactics to both bury the truth and protect the lie, the lie that this was a hate crime. A different gay Unionto student was actively involved in a petition drive to clear the alleged assailants name. It has also been widely reported that right after the story broke, the alleged victim removed all the incrimitating evidence from his facebook page (no doubt aided by the fact that the co-owner of facebook is a homosexual). The alleged assailant was buried during these events, with his mother participating fully with authorities, naiively believing in American Justice, and now her son is guilty of a Hate Crime. The "victim" in this incident did not have to leave campus for medical treatment.
Much further down the road, an additional news story reported that the alleged victim parties involved were confronted in a restaurant with someone telling them " you are a disgrace to Chillicothe", only for them to call the police on that person for this straightforward excercise of their freedom of speech. No threats or any other disorder were associated with that incident.

In the following examples, Christians are being arrested for quietly praying or sharing the Gospel on the periphery of (not within) gay pride events. In Elmira, NY 2007,  7 Christians were arrested for disturbing the peace for merely standing quietly in prayer, faces down, near a gay pride event. Similarly, Witchita, KS Preacher Mark Holick was arrested for attempting to pray and hand out fliers on a public sidewalk that bordered a park hosting a gay pride event (after getting permission from the local P.D.) in June, 2007. Both of these cases involved dubious, ambiguous and controversial local City ordinances.

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