Friday, May 24, 2013

Illinois Gay Marriage: A Clever Disguise for Tyranny

Dear Illinois Representitive
Your are being absolutely inundated with demands to vote affirmatively for gay marriage. This mad drive, both from gay activists and corporate entities must seem overwhelming to you, but just know this: they don't represent the will of your constituents.

"Might makes right", and the overfunding by these corporate entities pushing for gay marriage are here to set the standards of rightiousness, even if that means bypassing the Democratic process by bribing lawmakers and other forms of brute-force politics (Recently, in 2011, a gay activist went before the legislature and stated, 'it would be irresponsible to leave this issue in the hands of the voters." (!)

Gay activists are deranged zealots who's relentless drive has no logical stopping point, and they've shown that time and time again. They are drunk with power -absolutly mad- and will not stop for anything short of a radical, perverted overhauling of American society. They are proteges of their Marxist prophet, proteges of Saul Alinski, and the values and ethics they expouse are mere lip-service. They say they're fighting for "inclusiveness" and "tolerance" and "the same rights as everyone else", but their actual mission is a world apart from their stated rationale. They're tyrants with tunnel-vision intolerance.
Gay marriage is the ultimate sanctification, the ultimate Govt. stamp of approval of their lifestyle, a sanctifying recognition which normalizes it and criminalizes disapproval of it in the public square, and forces Christian business owners to violate their consciences by officially affirming exemplars of this lifestyle. It also enshrines these relationships to the same level as straight unions, thus requiring it to be presented as a normal alternative to kids in public schools. It is a Constitution-stomping agenda - a perverted, Orwellian nightmare.

There is so, so much to disapprove of. This lifestyle is typified by abyssmal degenerecy, profound dysfunction, and medical liabilities. It is typified by bizarre sexual practices, elevated levels of substance abuse and psychiatric disorders - a vast roll-call of destructive pathologies and proclivities. Gay activists have simply given up on the "born that way" pursuit, and indeed, evidence suggests that they are recruited into same-sex attraction by molestations in childhood. And this is NOT something with which to build a healthy identity around, and is NOT something with which to bestow the proud title of "marriage" upon. We've seen many studies finding children who are deprived of either a mother or father have turbulent, dysfunctional lives. Gay housholds deprive them of this by design. A recent Nationally representitive study of children reared in gay households revealed they fared worse in 77/80 developmental areas (Mark Regnerus, U. of Texas).
Likely even you, Lawmaker, have someone close to you who defines themself as gay.  However, it is unethical to express your personal committment to them into irresponsible legislative bias, especially on something so deeply controversial and impactful - dealing with the redefining of morality, traditions, gender realities, and the definition of a family.

Our Government -or any government- seeks to steer it's People into conduct which it thinks is good, conduct which is productive. That's why it bestows marriage upon straight couples. By enshrining them, it promotes domestic stability and the best possible enviornments for harboring and raising the next generation. Governments don't grant marriage simply because the adults feel a certain way toward one and other. Gay unions are ALWAYS sterile, and should therefore not have access to these benefits and recognition.
I keep seeing where gay activists, in ungaurded moments of honesty, will actually admit that they don't pursue marriage for the white picket fence, but merely for political gains. And early in the gay rights movement, gays would profess openly the virutes of sexual freedom over family as the thing they wanted mainstreamed the most.
"Gay marriage is a political and legal calculus designed to punish christians", says Fox News contributor Matt Barber.
The gay marriage bill before you has little to do with the will of your Constituents, and everything to do with the Orwellian political takeover machine by an army of cultural renegades - the gay activists.

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