Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gay Adoption Nightmare Stories

There has been a rash of gay adoptive parents molesting their adopted boys. Call it, 'where political correctness goes wrong'.

Just recently an Ohio adoptive father of 3 boys and a girl just plead guilty of molestating the boys and pimping them out to other gay men. The little girl, unharmed, of course.

Recently this gay male couple had just pleaded no contest to charges relating to sexually assaulting 2 of their NINE adopted boys, then 3 more of those boys came forward with accusations like "being raped over and over...with them taking turns".

Folks, this is the inevitable aftermath of "equality", where that slippery slope leads.

I think this is the face of the rationale against gay adoptions. Story here:

And here we see a tidal wave of data showing how homosexality is drstically overrepresened in child molestation cases.

And here, a 4-year-old boy is murdered by his lesbian parents because he refuses to call his butch-lesbian "father" dad. http://www.informationliberation.com/test.php...

Here, an adopted father is accused of raping boys and prostituting out a 10-year-old adopted son of his:

And here, Associate director of Duke University's Center for Health Policy was arrested by the FBI for admitting to molesting his 5-year-old adopted son, and offering the boy for sex to an undercover cop: http://www.rpvnetwork.org/profiles/blogs/gay-adoption-horror-duke

And here, a gay couple in Australia, Mark Newton and Peter Truong, celebrated in local media for their struggles  in aquiring a son, are being sentenced for molesting the boy since 22 months of age, using him to make child porn, and attempts to pimp him out to other men for sex - in Australia and far away countries.

"We decided that we would have a child, that it was time for us to have a family," Newton and Truong told ABC. "We wanted to experience the joys of fatherhood." http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/model-gay-adoptive-fathers-sexually-abused-6-year-old-for-years-offered-him

One of the demands that was part of the 1972 Gay March on Washington was "the repeal of all age of consent laws".

And it has been brought to light that in a San Francisco gay publication, it was very common to find classified ads for anatomically correct child boy dolls.