Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This is the Call-a-Spade Campaign, devoted to calling a spade, a spade, free of a political correctness agenda in regards to homosexuality.

Alberta, Canada Pastor Stephen Boissoin was fined $ 7,000, ordered to publicly apologize, and forbid to express his views on homosexuality in any public forum. His crime? He wrote a letter to the editor, criticizing the gay-indoctrination of kids as young as 5 in Canada schools.

Scott Eckern, artistic director of a California Musical Theater, was boycotted and forced to resign for donating 1000 dollars to the traditional marriage cause on the basis of his religious beliefs.

e-harmony.com, a Christian-based matchmaking organization, was forced to pay a total of 55,000 dollars and give free memberships to 10,000 gays, all because it refused to deviate from it's original business model of joining people for heterosexual marriages.

Materpiece Cake Shop in Colorado, faces death threats, slander, and boycotts just because the Christian owner refuses to bake gay-themed wedding cakes (although he will make any other sort of cake for a gay customer).

Seton Medical Center, a California Catholic hospital, had to pay $200,000 settlement for denying breast-augmentation surgery to a transexual patient on the grounds it violated their religious conscience to do so.

New Mexico Christian photography owner Elaine Huguenin, of Elane Photography, was forced to pay 6,600 dollars for refusing to photograph a lesbian civil committment ceremony.
In Michigan, Julea Ward was expelled from ther Counselling program for not wanting to give gay-affirming relationship counselling to a gay couple because it violated her Christian conscience. Ward referred the couple to another counsellor at the University, but was still expelled. In a separate case, almost exactly the same thing happened when a North Mississippi Health Services mental health counsellor, Sandra Bruff, was fired for this same conflict of her religious conscience.

In Lexington Ky, Apparel company Hands On Originals is being sued for declining to print up the t-shirts for the gay pride parade there, but referring the clients to someone who would at the same price. They are now being sued, as well as having a massive, organized boycott against them, orchestrated by that city's gay activist Mayor.

Boy Scouts of America. After affirming traditional values by excluding open homosexuality, the powerful gay lobby and the has put forth an aggressive, militant effort to public pressure on any organization that supports the scouts to drop them. The Scouts are now being routinely denied financial contributions and denied use of facilities and other services they once had access to, and being the target of aggressive slander, public ridicule, and organized blacklisting and boycotting.

Jim Walder of the TimberCreek bed-and-breakfast, is being sued for declining to host a gay civil unions ceremony at his privately-owned business on the basis of his religious beliefs. In almost exactly similar cases, Christians Les and Susan Molnar were fined $4,500, forced to close their B&B (Located inside their home) for refusing accomodations to a gay couple because allowing homosexual relations inside their home violated their Christian consciences. The exact same scenario played out in Hawaii in 2011, when Aloha Bed and Breakfast's  Christian owner Phillis Young was sued for denying a single-bed room to a gay couple, her business also located inside her private home.
Angela McCaskill, a deaf African-American and 23-year veteran of Gallaudet University, was put on Adminsistative leave by the University's President after it was learned that McCaskill signed a petition at her church to reverse Maryland's same-sex marriage law. The gay self-appointed arbitors of "tolerance" - even a disabled Black female will not be spared their wrath.

Gay British actor, Rupert Everett, had to seek help from police for death threats after he made a comment that he "...could think of nothing worse than being brought up by two gay dads."

New york Senator Ruben Diaz was forced to seek help from the F.B.I for death threats he was getting, and for aggressive demonstrations at his house, along with family members being stalked - all for being the lone Democratic holdout on an affirmative gay marriage vote in that state.

David Parker of Massechusettes was ruled against by that State's Supreme Court when he protested not having the right to be notified of, and opt out his kindergarten son of gay-affirming lessons at school. Parker was thrown in jail and spent over $200,000 in legal expenses only to be ruled against. The precedent that the Court cited for ruling against him - justifying gay lessons to kindergarteners? -Gay marriage.

Matt Barber, fired from a Fortune 500 company (Allstate's Corporate Security Division) for writing an article on his own time, on his own computer, critical of promoting homosexuality.

Pastor Scott Lively, of the Oregon Citizen Alliance, was sued for 22,000 dollars in 1991 for using lawfully-permitted force to eject a trespasser from a private meeting of their group, simply carrying a lesbian over the threshold of the door, sitting her down, and shutting her out of the room.

Six years ago, Robert J. Smith was fired from his job on the board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority for speaking against homosexuality. Smith was a regular panelist on a show in the D.C. area. One day he made the mistake of telling listeners how he truly felt about the issue of homosexuality. "Homosexual behavior, in my view, is deviant," he said. "I'm a Roman Catholic."

In 2002, Swedish Pastor Ake Green was jailed for 30 days for giving a sermon critical of homosexuality.

New Mexico Governor Susanah Martinez was refused service at Antonio's Hair Studio for having made previous comments to the media against gay marriage.

Senator Stacey Campfield was refused service and kicked out of a restaurant, The Bistro at the Bijou, for having previously made comments critical of homosexuality.

Famous boxer Manny Pacquiao was banned from a Los Angeles shopping mall, the "Grove", where he later had a promotional appearance planned, for communicating his opposition to gay marriage, citing his Christian beliefs.

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